Service & Restoration

Every bow that comes to me for restoration and repair is carefully examined based on what you want done or what problem you are trying to solve. An estimate is prepared and must be accepted before the work is begun.

My main goal when restoring fine bows is to return the bow to as close to the way it was when it was made as I possibly can while not altering anything that is original. This insures that your fine antique or vintage bow maintains its value and gives as many years of pleasure as possible.

Of course I accept bows “just” needing a rehair, new eyelet, grip leather or whatever else it may need. Your bow will get the highest level of quality work no matter what you bring or send it in for.

My prices may be higher than others but they’re fair, reflecting my obsession with perfection and delivering the best possible products and services. If you have a fine bow, or just want your favorite bow well cared for, you will want to know it’s in the most qualified and experienced hands. How can I say that? If you don’t believe me and aren’t bored to tears already please read on.

In the summer of 1977 I became the first in-house bow restoration and repair technician at the famous violin shop of Bein and Fushi. Between late 1977 and 2002 I owned and managed the shop that did all of that firm’s bow restoration and repairs and plenty for other shops and my own clients. I personally continued to do all the straightening and cambering of their antique bows until 2005. During those 27 years I personally repaired and restored hundreds of bows and oversaw the repair and restoration of thousands more. I have trained hundreds of bow makers, restorers and rehairers for my own employment and many more that paid me to teach them. Personally I have made thousands of bows and I’ve overseen the construction of tens of thousands. All this is to say I know most of the ways a bow can be worn out, broken, mistreated or poorly constructed. And I know how to fix all of the problems that can be fixed. I can help you with alternatives when they can’t be.